Cosmetic braces are an increasingly popular way to straighten crooked teeth for patients of all age groups. Never again will you need to be self-conscious about your smile. With our wide range of cosmetic braces and experience, we are able to straighten your teeth quickly and discreetly.

“Fixed” cosmetic braces such as Six Month Smiles and Cfast are a modern twist on tried-and-tested fixed orthodontics. There is little debate within the orthodontic community that braces are the most widely used and most effective method to give patients straight, healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. Cosmetic fixed braces has taken the best aspects of fixed braces and modified the treatment and the materials to give patients a common-sense, cosmetic solution that fits your lifestyle.

Teeth can be straightened in as little as 3-4 months, with an average treatment time of only 6-7 months. The clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires are barely noticeable!

Aligner style cosmetic braces such as Invisalign are an excellent treatment option for patients who wishes orthodontic treatment but does not want traditional “train tracks”. No metal wires or bands to irritate your mouth, and best of all, most people won't notice you're in treatment.

Invisalign is a "removable" type cosmetic brace system therefore giving you the flexibility have being able to remove it during important meetings or social events.

The true clear alternative to train track braces.

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