Posted on 02 December 2021

When gums recede, gum tissue pulls away from the teeth making them appear longer. Receding gums can cause pain, sensitivity and inflammation along with exposed tooth roots. In severe cases, gum disease can cause loose teeth.

If you see your dentist every six months, this problem will get treated earlier rather than later -- which will help keep it under control. While gum disease is the most common cause, there are other causes: 

  • Using a hard-bristled toothbrush or brushing aggressively
  • Misaligned teeth that could benefit from orthodontics
  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy

It should be noted that receding gums won’t get better over time -- and left unattended, can result in more serious dental issues as the gumline and teeth become more exposed to harmful bacteria -- even resulting in tooth loss. Read more at

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