The Connection Between Oral Health and General Health
What's going on your mouth can sometimes point to health issues elsewhere in the body. Medical science has identified a number of connections; here's a few reasons to look after your teeth and see your dentist regularly:
- Poor oral health might point to heart disease
- Certain issues in the mouth can be the first manifestations of HIV
- Periodontitis (gum disease) can be a sign of poor general health
"Listen to what your body is telling you to ensure you maintain optimal health, whether it is a sore tooth or achy knee."
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Preventing Children from Grinding Teeth
Bruxism (teeth grinding) can be detrimental to the teeth and gums at any age, but especially so for young children. A morning headache is often the first symptom. There can be a number of reasons why children develop this habit and understanding the underlying cause is key to tackling the problem as quickly as possible.
Three of the main causes of bruxism are:
- Stress or anxiety
- A hyperactive condition
- Medical or dental issues
A doctor’s assessment is necessary if the grinding is caused by hyperactivity or is stress related but the dentist should be the first port of call as children with misaligned bites “may be more prone to grinding their teeth” and you can find out more at

What You Should Know About Dental Abscesses
Dental abscesses are caused by severe gum disease and tooth infections. The abscess is typically painful and filled with pus. People with a painful tooth may have an abscess, and should see a dentist immediately.  
Main points:
- The dentist will probably drain the abscess.

- If the abscess was caused by periodontitis or nerve infection, the dentist will perform scaling and root planing.

- The infected pulp might need to be removed and the tooth sealed.

- If the teeth cannot be saved, the dentist might perform extraction.If you have a dental abscess, see the dentist immediately.
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Causes and Treatment for Jaw Aches
If you wake up with a sore jaw or a dull headache, visit the dentist. Jaw ache is a common problem that can have several potential causes. In many cases, your teeth can be damaged if the underlying problem is not treated.
Key takeaways:
- Causes of jaw ache include teeth grinding, clenching, cavities and gum disease.

- Untreated teeth grinding causes sensitivity, tooth-weakening, cracks and chronic headaches.

- Wear a mouthguard to sleep to prevent teeth grinding and protect your teeth.

- If the grinding is caused by stress, visit your GP to learn more about stress reduction.Visit the dentist for assessment.
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